Standard Edition and Deluxe Edition will release on February 17, 2022 for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X|S

During the Gamescom Opening Night Live show, Koch Media, a leading global publishing partner, and SNK CORPORATION, announced that the fighting game King of Fighters XV: The King of Fighters will be launching on PlayStation®5, PlayStation®4, Xbox Series X|S, Steam, and the Epic Games Store on February 17th, 2022.View the full length trailer on YouTube here: 

King of Fighters XV features 39 characters including classic popular characters, resurrected fan favorites, and those crucial to the unfolding events. This is the first time the heroes from each saga have come together making this an unmissable moment in the King of Fighters storyline.

The latest installment in the King of Fighters saga continues from the previous title’s Story Mode. Heroes from the Orochi, NESTS, and Ash Sagas have all joined King of Fighters XV, and this time, the story is coming to an explosive climax.King of Fighters XV features the classic 3v3 team battle system, as well as a number of new features, such as SHATTER STRIKE, a new mechanic that enables players to counter enemy attacks. Additionally, players will experience an improved MAX Mode, as well as MAX Mode (Quick), with a rush function that will allow for combos to be carried out by rapidly pressing attack buttons. All these features, including some revamped and vibrant special moves, will ensure some explosive fights and exciting gameplay for new and veteran players alike.King of Fighters XV will support 1-2 players local as well as 2-8 players online play. The game features a wide variety of online modes, including RANKED MATCH, CASUAL MATCH, ROOM MATCH, and ONLINE TRAINING. There’s also a new DRAFT VS mode, which pits you against an opponent as you try to nab your favorite character before they can. Rollback netcode has been adopted for the best online experience.The gallery features will include not only character voices and King of Fighters XV in-game cinematics, but also a special animated short, directed by world-renowned artist Masami Obari.Additionally, the new DJ Station features over 300 popular songs from the entire King of Fighters series. Players will even be able to customize their fights to have their favorite tracks playing in the background. Pre-orders begin today on the following editions on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X|S:King of Fighters XV Standard Edition – $59.99

  • Contains the base game 

King of Fighters XV Day One Edition – $59.99

  • Contains the Terry “Garou: Mark of the Wolves” DLC outfit
  • Only available as a physical retail sku

King of Fighters XV Deluxe Edition (Digital) – $84.99

  • Contains the base game plus three days Early Access
  • Plus the KOFXV Team Pass 1 (Includes Team 1 & 2 DLC that includes three characters per team, six characters in total)
  • The exclusive Leona “Classic Leona” outfit – digital SKU only

Digital content available:KOF XV Team Pass 1DLC Characters “Team 1″ +”Team 2” combo pack(two teams, six characters) – $29.99DLC Characters “Team 1” 3 DLC characters(1 Team) – $15.99DLC Characters “Team 2” 3 DLC characters(1 Team) – $15.99


Written by Joseph Opoku

Date published: 02/12/21

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